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Clearly communicate your business narrative and shout it out loud!


Putting your information into words, where do you begin?

Descriptive writing is not always an easy task to undertake! Knowing a sector ‘inside and out’ is one thing, but putting explanations into engaging copy can prove to be a real endurance.

Here at Brand Creative Media, we love words! We enjoy the challenge of researching organisations and building our knowledge about their industry sector, to create engaging narrative. Understanding what makes them tick and outlining aims and objectives is our goal. Furthermore, we explore target audiences to pitch the correct tone and consider ways in which we can write passionately about products and services.

The way in which an organisation’s brand is portrayed is key. Pitching words at the right level to proclaim a successful reputation is our priority.  Punchy headlines in a social media post or using eye-catching quotes in a blog, are great methods to grab attention before getting down to the nitty gritty. Opening with the most important information and using formal or informal tone is essential.

By articulating clearly through writing confident communication, we endeavour to convey companies in their best descriptive narrative. We offer a variety of writing styles for social media, websites, blogs, newsletters, and e-mail marketing.

Be bold with your words!

  • Dig out your business plan – this is a great starting point!
  • Consider the audience
  • Don’t get too wordy
  • Add your most important information first
  • Use headlines, straplines & bullet points
  • Use a minimum of 300 words per page on a website for SEO purposes
  • Write in present tense
  • Include SEO focused keywords
  • Define products and services clearly
  • Write about industry news
  • Consider writing regular blogs, social media posts, and e-flyers
  • Always include a call to action

Please get in touch to find out we can project your business with engaging words.

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