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Social Media

Connect, inform, or go further to provide valuable customer service


Using social channels to engage with audiences is a crucial in marketing!

Looking to build your contacts beyond your website and existing customer base? Get noticed on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), Tik Tok, and Pinterest.

The global trend of social media allows business to keep in constant contact with their followers 24/7 | 365 days a year. Through posted messages, photos, and video, social offers an opportunity to share ongoing narrative about highlights of the day and popular products and services. It keeps businesses at the forefront of their follower’s attention.

‘LIKE’, ‘SHARE’, or ‘BOOST’ posts to immediately go viral and empower your organisation to rapidly build contact lists and promote your brand much further afield, beyond your immediate audience.

We use social software within a single digital hub, to synchronise all accounts and schedule posts throughout the month, which can be useful when posting across multiple accounts. 

Think before you speak!

By staying up to the minute, social media offers a fabulous opportunity to open up dialogue. It also ideally used as a comprehensive customer service tool to promptly respond to customer’s needs, questions, and feedback through instant messaging.

The key to positive social is to be honest and professional. By responding in an accomplished manner, with customer service at the forefront of your thought process, will help to create a successful social media legacy, together with a positive and respected brand identity.

Pulling out all the stops on social!

  • Create a slick looking profile page
  • Include up to date information
  • Display a product / service portfolio
  • Stay looking fresh with regular updates
  • Engage in conversation with followers
  • Advertise events
  • Share industry news
  • Use Like / Share / Boost features to find new clients
  • Take charge of customer service

To find out more about our Social Media support and to grow audiences through social channels, please get in touch.

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