Using social media to engage with audiences is a crucial piece of any business marketing plan!

With social media now used by 75% of internet users, the 2000’s is certainly recognised as the century for social media growth.

The global trend has encompassed many of us. This form of online marketing, allows individuals, businesses and organisations to keep in constant contact 24 / 7 by giving the option to independently update social media pages with information and messages and uploading photos and video.

The ability to ‘LIKE & SHARE’ information, boost posts and promote offers and competitions through paid advertising packages, has enabled posts to quickly and effortlessly ‘go viral’ which subsequently has empowered businesses, organisations and individuals to build their contacts lists rapidly and launch their brands much further; beyond their own means and within such a short space of time.

Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest are just some of the many online marketing sites where businesses and organisations can raise their profile, communicate with existing followers as a method of ‘keeping in touch’ and reach out to new clients and target audiences based on demographics. Additionally, the wonderful aspect about social media, is that there is software available to synchronise all your accounts so that in making one update, businesses can post across all social media platforms in a single hit.

Think before you speak!

By being up to the minute, social media is used as a great opportunity to open dialogue, have a debate, give direct feedback and in doing so it certainly keeps businesses and organisations on their toes, by encouraging customer service to be urgently spontaneous in order to protect their brand identity.

The key with social media is to be honest and professional. Remember you are a brand as much as any other individual, organisation or business. By responding in an accomplished manner with customer service at the forefront of your ethos will make for a productive social media account, reiterating a positive and respectful image.


How businesses and organisations can utilise social media to their advantage:

  • Update your profile
  • Make a page look punchy by adding a logo & a banner
  • Display a product / service portfolio
  • Talk to clients
  • Regularly update
  • Take charge of customer service
  • Advertise events
  • Share industry news
  • Offer Like & Share banner promotions to find new clients


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