What is marketing consultancy? It’s communication in lots of ways!

You recognise the need for Marketing but just don’t have the time to commit to planning and communication activities… does this sound familiar?

Brand Creative Media could be your very own in-house marketing team: we ensure your monthly marketing programme runs successfully, leaving you time to continue with the day-to-day commitments of running a business or organisation. What’s more, we find that working in true partnership can offer even more opportunities for us to tune in, to your way of thinking.

A marketing plan with clear results is important for every business or organisation, but is often neglected. As a starting point, a marketing plan helps to focus on your key objectives for the year, decide on the audience to target and set business goals. Approaching marketing in this structured way and using our monthly marketing programme can help you generate further sales and measure success, helping you to continuously improve your marketing activities.

With a wealth of marketing knowledge and experience, and our own service facilities and resources in both online and offline marketing, we collaborate to provide a full marketing service.

Our Marketing Services cover:

  • A FREE Marketing Programme Review
  • One day per month based at our client’s business or organisation premises
  • Evaluation of previous month’s marketing activity
  • Search Engine Review
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Social Media Review
  • Sales Review
  • Website Updating
  • Blogging
  • Month ahead Goal Making

To find out how our Marketing Consultancy services and our Monthly Marketing Programme could help your business, please get in touch for further information.