We use a full range of marketing services to turn your ideas into a reality…

We like to become part of your team so that we can ‘grow to know’ your business or organisation and offer you the best service possible.

Brand Creative Media’s marketing consultancy service helps businesses and organisations to define who they are, what they stand for and establish how to reach out to existing and new clients. Through market research and in conjunction with product and service evaluations, we ensure clients are pitched at the right level against their competitors, whilst communicating effectively to their target audience.

By using our monthly marketing programme to create a marketing plan and develop for future growth, businesses and organisations can decide on their marketing goals and what they would like to achieve, agree deadlines and ensure results happen. We help clients shape their marketing plans, give them the right tools to deliver and finally, evaluate the results.

Successful marketing planning and communication will ensure that your business is first in line when prospects or existing customers are looking for the products and services you provide.


Online Marketing vs Offline Marketing

In this digital age we are often asked what we think is the right marketing channel for businesses and organisations.

Many clients approach us explaining that they feel overwhelmed with some of the online marketing terms – social media, search engine optimisation, blogging and content management systems and can’t always visualise how they could apply or have the time to implement these methods into their business or organisation.  Alternatively, they are not always sure, as to how, where and who to target in order to reap a positive response through marketing.

At Brand Creative we believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer.  Every business or organisation is unique and all marketing methods drive towards a progressive level for increasing business activity, depending on the audience. In reality the best way is usually to take an integrated approach, where online and offline marketing activities are designed to complement one another within the ‘Marketing Mix’.

Whatever the case, we will guide you through the decision making process and take time to explain unfamiliar tools or concepts.


Our online services

Our online marketing services cover websites design and maintenance, search engine optimisation, regular blog writing and email marketing, plus weekly social media programmes to keep your organisation connected. At Brand Creative Media we understand CSS, WordPress, PHP, HTML, SEO, Blog, SMS, APP, Hash Tag and any other buzz words that you may hear from the industry.

All of our website design, blog writing and e-mail marketing services are tested on a variety of devices including both android and apple – smartphone and tablet, laptops and desktops and using numerous browsers and spam filters to ensure that your audience can access your information quickly and efficiently.  Our online marketing services offer clients the ability to make updates with immediate effect, whilst they can also check online reports, website hits, search engine position and e-flyer delivery, which in essence gives a far more measurable marketing method.

In terms of social media, we set businesses up through a variety of platforms and demonstrate how to use them as part of their daily schedule.  We can even guide and maintain their pages on their behalf.

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