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Demonstrate your expertise and connect with customers through interesting topics


How often do you communicate with your clients?

Are you struggling to regularly keep in touch with all your customers and contacts on a one-to-one basis? Blogging is an ideal pro-active publication tool, to communicate on mass.

In an overly competitive market, companies can have a voice! Blogs allow business owners to narrate current topics and demonstrate that they are at the top of their game. This valuable method provides a relatively simple and essential way to maintain an informal communicative relationship with existing customers, prospects, suppliers and followers, which can fulfil further opportunity of recommendations onto others.

Through posting regular blog articles, companies build a knowledge bank and legacy of information to showcase their products and services without the ‘hard sell’ tactic. Basing their narrative around current projects, useful information, industry news and hot topics, future aspirations, training, achievements, and awards.

Furthermore, website blog posts go further than just keeping in touch! A regularly updated blog with effective copy-written content, which includes SEO focused keywords and targeted internal hyperlinks, will also assist in improving search engine rankings.

As part of our Monthly Marketing Consultancy Programme, Brand Creative Media offers the development of blog platforms and aims to keep communication ‘alive’ by regularly writing and maintaining blogs on behalf of our clients.

Stand out from the noise!

  • What is happening with your business!
  • Hot topics relevant to organisation or industry sector
  • Write interesting copy
  • Utilise keywords & phrases for SEO
  • Inclusion of SEO tags
  • Create internal and external hyperlinks
  • Use eye-catching images to illustrate information
  • Reach a good readability score

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