If a customer is searching online for your specialism, would they find you, or would they find your competitor?

It is essential that you have a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy for your website.

The internet is the first place where the majority of news searches take place and where individuals will go to find products and services.  Where you feature in that search can result in a huge impact on your net income.

Many consumers often make a decision about a product or service before they even contact a company – it is therefore imperative that business and organisation information is easily found, by being both informative and regularly updated.

Here at Brand Creative Media, we work in collaboration with clients to understand their budget and what they are looking for in terms or ‘Return on Investment’. Next we define a search engine optimisation strategy which will help them to improve their position in search in order to give them a better chance of being noticed. Our primary focus is on organic search – a non-sponsored link campaign for the major search engines such as Google, AOL, Bing and Yahoo.

As part of our continued process, we ensure the success of your SEO strategy month on month is achieved, by evaluating all activities using Google Analytics Reports in conjunction with the number of enquiries received. Through this assessment, we are able to define new strategies in order to grow your search engine position.

We not only look at the context of your individual pages but also write blogs which link back to your main website pages through main keywords. The blogs are also published through social media to draw in further interest to the website, which subsequently improves performance in search engine rankings.

Elements to consider when looking at search engine optimisation:

  • Page titles, meta tags and content
  • Keywords strategy
  • Create internal & external links
  • Use social media, blogging & email marketing to boost your website hits
  • Assess google analytics reports
  • Define target audiences
  • Assess competition
  • Consider our marketing consultancy programme

Once an SEO strategy is established, even small businesses and organisations can expect to generate greater online leads. Get in touch to find out more.