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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Gain popularity through organic search and attract new prospects


How good is your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) position?

If, a customer is searching online for your specialism, would they find your organisation, or would they find your competitors first?

The organic position of your business listing on Google is extremely important! A high position for targeted keyword phrases can substantially increase your net income which is critical for growth and expansion. It is essential that together with a professionally designed website, an organic (SEO) strategy is in place to bolster it’s performance and promote products and services. This means that your organisation is easily found when an active prospect uses the search engine.

Here at Brand Creative Media, we help organisations to define an organic SEO strategy to improve search listing positions, so that businesses have a better chance of being noticed. Our primary focus is organic search (non-sponsored link campaigns) through Google and Microsoft Edge.

As part of our continued SEO process, we ensure the successful delivery of your SEO strategy month on month, by evaluating all activities using Google Analytics Reports and Looker Studio, in conjunction with other defined data metrics. Through this assessment, we can set new SEO goals to continually monitor and improve your SEO position.

How it works!

  • Carry out a keyword assessment
  • Assess competition
  • Define target audiences
  • Assess the context of existing pages
  • Tweak page tags for title, meta & alt-text
  • Track user events for searches, buttons and campaigns
  • Build landing pages
  • Internal & external link building
  • Regular blog writing
  • Sharing through digital channels
  • Evaluate results through google analytics
  • Consider our marketing consultancy programme

Once a SEO strategy is established, even small businesses and organisations can expect to generate greater online leads. Please get in touch to find out more.

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