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Monthly Marketing Programme

Let’s chat! Sign Up for our £150 per month marketing programme through your ideas and take your business to the next level!

For as little as £150 per month we will launch your business with an aim to create new sales leads.

We work in collaboration with SME companies and government funded organisations, at the very heart of their team to produce a marketing strategy tailored to each individual needs. Delivering projects in this manner allows companies and organisations to test the water, which takes the financial risk out of employing a full time marketer and reassuringly provides routine marketing activity month to month for benefit of their business or organisation.

When marketing activity is implemented, it helps to develop and grow a business or organisation by raising brand awareness, creating new leads and keeping in regular contact with their existing clients and associates.

Our monthly marketing service allows us to find out what makes your business or organisation tick, who are your target markets and what products and what services would you like to promote the most in order to generate the best revenue.

We don’t just use one marketing method but several which can alternate depending on many different reasons such as product / service developments, news stories, industry changes, seasons, events and promotions. Working with both offline marketing methods, we recommend specific tools which will complement one another and work together to promote companies and organisations. By being clear on communication and customer service, forward thinking, your business will demonstrate itself as an experienced hub of knowledge within it’s industry.

Our monthly marketing programme includes:

  • Basing ourselves at your office one day per month
  • Telephone & email marketing support throughout the month
  • Carrying out a FREE marketing review
  • Building a marketing plan
  • Assessing new markets
  • Promoting products & services
  • Using defined marketing tools i.e.: website, email marketing, social media, printed media
  • Improving search engine rankings
  • Keeping in Touch
  • Implementing new tools to help sales staff
  • Evaluating Sales Leads
  • Analysing Reports

Are you looking for Cornwall Marketing, West Midlands Marketing, London Marketing? We are looking forward to working with you, so please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out how our marketing review could help your business or organisation.

Looking to focus on a marketing strategy to develop new business?

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