Social Media & Website Marketing for UK business

Regularly updating a company website with blog posts demonstrates to visitors that you are a forward-thinking business within your sector.  It gives business owners the opportunity to explain areas of their industry, communicate changes and discuss hot topics which could be of interest through their marketing.

In addition, it also helps to build your company website profile within google.  Google prioritises websites that are updated regularly over those that don’t and so if companies want to stay ahead of the competitors it is important that they regularly upload blogs posts.

Ticking the boxes to create a perfect post can be a challenge, however getting it right can draw traffic to the website and create sales enquiries.

Top tips to create the perfect blog post

  1. The blog post needs to be written in 300 words or more
  2. The written content should include keywords. Primarily, a single keyword or a set of keywords per blog post
  3. The selected keyword / set of keywords should appear in the page title, the post url, the meta-tag, image alt-tag and throughout the content of the blog post
  4. Include a link to an external website that relates to the blog post
  5. Include links from other keywords to pages within your own company website to drive traffic to services / product pages

To find out more about blog posts and how to achieve the best results for your business or how Brand Creative Media Ltd could help to improve your business marketing on a regular monthly basis, please contact us.

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