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As many of us are now working from home it is crucially important that Directors and staff are aware of the importance of cyber security. 

In the workplace cyber security can be controlled through appropriate IT systems, however working from home can become more complex.

We would like to urge all Directors and leaders to re-iterate to staff with regards to the following safe IT practices, to ensure that businesses stay cyber safe over the coming months.

  1. Check that staff laptops / computers have firewalls installed and that they are up to date. This will prevent any corrupt files from being shared between individual employees.
  2. Ask all employees to update their computer passwords to something uniquely different to any personal passwords – especially if they haven’t updated their IT devices for a while.
  3. Only allow access to business systems through appointed staff and relay the importance of keeping cyber safe.
  4. If employees are emailing customers directly, ask them to always copy Directors / Managers into the email so that companies can be kept in the loop on conversations and ask them to forward on any reply messages.
  5. Please consider using a dedicated cloud system where all files can be stored centrally and backed up regularly to prevent the loss of files and fragmentation of systems.
  6. Inform all staff on the importance of operating their email accounts safely.
  7. Should anyone leave a company then please update passwords to lock down access.
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