Young people are extremely aware of colour, short snippets of information and using new technologies such as smartphones, apps, social media channels and anything digital.

Brand Creative Media has successfully worked with a variety of educational organisations to create and implement strategies to meet and engage their audiences.  Through our projects, we take the time to listen and understand which communication route will fulfil their needs and together we deliver via the most relevant channels.

As a company we offer our services on both a single project basis or through our ongoing monthly marketing programme. All options give our education sector clients the support and resources they need in terms of our online and offline services.


How we have turned education marketing thoughts into reality:

  • Corporate identity development to empower educational departments to engage with their audiences and communicate effectively
  • Facilitation of youth projects and consultations within schools and community groups, to understand their thoughts on how services can engage, deliver and benefit, by visualising and implementing their creative ideas.
  • Brain storming sessions, technology reviews, drawing and design projects, training and evaluations are just some of the methods used within our projects
  • Engaging with young people and organisational staff in workshops to foster ideas and a better understanding of expectations
  • Course programmes for schools to promote latest courses through online and offline prospectus marketing methods
  • Delivering workshops and training programmes relating to creative design and business curriculum
  • Social media consultancy and integration
  • Project evaluation to determine the meeting of requirements
  • Offer a confidential service
  • Always adhere to Data Protection Policy


If you are a school head teacher or departmental manager, a college facilitator or course leader who is looking to utilise an external company to establish a new project or require regular support with marketing services, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.