What is Corporate Branding? It’s more than just a logo!

Corporate Branding is really about the way people perceive your Company Brand.

Brand Creative Media look at the methods, ethos and capabilities of an organisation or company, analyse the industry and the market sectors which it positions itself around and then focus on a consistent and measured marketing process to help our clients define their Corporate Brand.

The first step is to decide on a name, then design an eye-catching logo, followed by a memorable strap-line; this is then carried through into Corporate Identity and Stationery so that businesses or organisations are professionally distinguished from their competitors.

Do you want your company to:

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Take on a professional appearance
  • Gain your clients trust
  • Incorporate a distinguished corporate identity
  • Include specified brand guidelines
  • Be proud of your brand
  • Increase revenue

Rebranding – Is it time for a change?

As companies or organisations grow and evolve or take on a new personality, they can benefit far greater from a Rebranding Consultation Service. Our Rebranding Service involves working in collaboration with our clients to assess how an update and refresh of their brand would benefit them.

We assess, formalise and define clear Corporate Brand Guidelines into:

  • Company / Organisation Name
  • Mission and Vision Statements
  • Brand Logo
  • Corporate Identity
  • Copywriting & Words
  • Online Media
  • Offline Media

To ensure the rebranding process runs smoothly, we set deadlines, assign time frames and implement strategies. It is proven, that by re-launching over a scheduled timeframe and using a series of regular communicative methods to all contacts, clients and suppliers that a successful rebrand launch can be fulfilled.

To enhance your company through our Corporate Branding services, please get in touch for further information.