Social Media & Website Marketing for UK business

Here at Brand Creative Media we always feel that the New Year is not only a great reset for personal goals but also for your business marketing goals too!

Whilst everyone settles back into their workflow, this time of year is often a chance for business Directors and leaders to take some time to look and review their whole marketing approach for the business in order to make a marketing plan for the coming year.

To help move things forward, here are some steps to help with your business marketing review

Step 1 – Look at your current marketing tools and aspects of promotion such as website, email signatures and social media as a whole.  Are they all up to date in terms of information descriptions, products & services, imagery and links? Where can improvements be made, what can be taken off and what can be added.

Step 2 – Evaluate what the business is not doing in terms of marketing and how you could introduce new processes to promote the business brand this year. Maybe you would like to broaden your business social networks into other social brands or perhaps you could keep in contact with customers more regularly by using email marketing and blog writing.

Step 3 – Look at new sectors and revenue streams where you could tap into. Start to build a database of companies who you could sell to and contact them through social media and other forms of communication such as a standard postal letter or email marketing (with their permission).

Step 4 – Look at diversification. Are there other products or services that you could bring into the business which would complement one another, whilst introducing a new set of customers at the same time? Could other products or services boost your current revenue stream?

Step 5 – Create some goals. How many new customers would you like to connect with grow your business throughout this coming year and what could that quantify to in terms of revenue?  How will you work to build and increase customers on a month by month basis?

Here at Brand Creative Media, we are full of ideas to help businesses build on their current methods of promotion in terms of marketing.  If you would like further support with your marketing or to make a business plan for 2020 please get in touch or see our website for more details.

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