Social Media & Website Marketing for UK business

Companies often ask us what’s a hashtag and what’s the best way to use them on their social media posts? Hashtag’s also known as this symbol # – are used to highlight keywords within a post.

For example, if a social media post says something like:

Brand Creative Media Ltd here to provide #socialmedia #marketingservices to businesses

This means that the hashtags #socialmedia & #marketingservices will appear in social media search results should anyone search for them; this gives those companies the ability to reach a wider audience, further than their own social media account connections.

To increase effective use of #hashtags, focus on keywords relating to the business and use them as often as you can within your posts but remembering not to overload the post. Sticking to maximum 3 #hashtags within a single post works well, anymore then the post can become eligible to read. Don’t forget that you are still corresponding with your local & connected audience as much as the wider ‘search’ audience and so the post needs to be clear in the way in which it communicates.

To find out how Brand Creative Media Ltd can work closely with your business to improve your #hashtag performance together with other aspect of company social media, please get in touch.

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