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Based in the West Midlands we are a Marketing Agency who specialise in social media, website and print methods of communication, by ensuring that our customers gain the very best results through their individual Corporate Branding, Marketing and Advertising.

Our Marketing Solutions are tailored
to suit each company's identity and are aimed at accelerating revenues, key to future company growth by re-inforcing company brand, keeping in-touch and promoting latest products, services and monthly offers. Our design team includes experienced marketers, skilled designers and website developers who collude closely with companies to empower brands through a combination of Website Development, Email Marketing & Social Media,
Search Engine Optimisation,
Blog & Newsletter Writing, Promotional Literature & Advertising.

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Brand Creative Media

15/12/2014 -
Crendon Insurance takes poll position!

Crendon Insurance has steadily climbed up through the google ranks since we designed their new website earlier in the year, proceeding with regular monthly marketing campaigns throughout 2014. Along with their own team’s influence of persistent Twitter updates and continual email marketing, we have refined their keywords and ensured that all individual pages are optimized. In addition, their internet enquiry results have increased due to our regular monthly blogs which has firmly placed them in poll position, by displaying their google entries high on page 1 and even slightly under, or above some of their larger business competitors. This method proves that blogs DO work. We have only added approximately 5 blogs per month, but by re-linking into other websites and re-integrating those keywords repeatably, this has really helped to push their website up the ranks, and within an extremely well known and highly competitive insurance industry. We are looking forward to see how the website performs in 2015 - now that we have done the ground work!

03/12/2014 -
Online Retail goes crazy over Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Internet reports for 2014 have declared that Black Friday & Cyber Monday are now officially the most important two dates for Internet retail shopping here in the UK, as internet retail sales went through the roof and saw companies like Amazon sell approximately 64 items per second according to the BBC website - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-30260103 Black Friday originated from America and since the war has been officially declared as the first shopping day after Thanksgiving, where retailers would slash their prices and entice consumers to ‘get buying’ in an attempt to kick-start their Christmas shopping - similar to how here in UK, our retailers whip us up into a frenzy for the Boxing Day sales. Cyber Monday is notably the first Monday after the main November payday when many people make their purchases, so as to allow enough time for deliveries in time for Christmas Day. For retailers this re-iterates the need to produce great websites that can cope with the amount of visitors and buyers at any given time. The need to source products easily and streamline the buying process has never been so important, in order to compete against other e-commerce retailers.


Brand Creative Media


This year has seen a huge increase for a number of our clients requiring Wordpress websites as more and more companies prefer to manage their websites independently, and control their own content in line with their social media and other internet platforms.

One of our most recently designed websites was www.sharonbaker.co.uk.  Sharon is a freelance printmaker based in Birmingham and has been a client of ours for a number of years.  Sharon still loved the design and format of her old html website but just wanted more freedom to be able to update her exhibitions page and add photos of her artwork to the website gallery, as and when required.  We have now given Sharon the opportunity to do this with her new Wordpress website and still continue to offer regular website support in going forward.


Brand Creative Media


DCN Bearings Ltd & Brown-Rutter (Dudley) Ltd recently commissioned us to produce a large roll fold matt laminated brochure which they could use to promote the two company brands in unity. By integrating new product photography and utilising existing material from their older brochures, we were able to provide a wonderful piece of printed literature which they can circulate to new and existing clients to help raise the profile of their business and services which they provide within the bearing and engineering industry.


Brand Creative Media


We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new website for Glazzard (Dudley) Ltd. Based in the Black Country, Glazzard (Dudley) Ltd produce amazing steel artwork, balustrades and staircases for some of the most prestigious and iconic UK buildings, mainly set on the South Bank, London. It has been a pleasure to design their website which showcases some eye-catching photography of their influential architecture & local traditionally skilled craftsmanship.


Brand Creative Media

16/07/2014 - Evolution of the Twitter logo

Did you know that the Twitter logo has developed through several design stages since the brand was formed in 2006, right up to how we currently recognise the logo today?

The name even began as ‘Twittr ‘rather than ‘Twitter’ and with a very different logo in green; however only within months of brand launch the company made the decision to change the name and re-brand the logo at a cost of $7500 dollars.

The bird brand icon, as we know now, was actually far more detailed in the early days but as the years have evolved the design has simplified to become a single icon in one matt colour - aspiring to the idea that less is definitely more. More info can be found at: http://designshack.net/articles/graphics/twitters-new-logo-the-geometry-and-evolution-of-our-favorite-bird/

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